Student success starts with Student EI 

Understand your students on a deeper level with the data in Student EI. Our data allows you to build authentic relationships with students that empowers, engages and inspires them. 

Build better student relationships that improve student success 

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Give your students the gift of knowing themselves. The data delivered in real time from the Student EI platform provides students a real understanding of their strengths and challenges. Which they can use to understand where they should focus.

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Personalize your curriculum based on the comprehensive data provided by Student EI. In the classroom, uncover ways to help students connect on a whole new level. Build opportunities to create a learning environment that is tailored to how students learn today.

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Introducing new potential career paths, matching skills with dreams and providing a realistic path to success are all possible for your students with Student EI. Our tool provides unmatched insights on where your students are most likely to find future success. 

Get a real portrait of the strengths and needs of your student population today.