Soft skills improve the chances of
your students getting a job by   66%

Yes, you read that right. Ensuring your students are lifelong learners, innovators, critical thinkers and effective communicators starts with their soft skills. We track the skills your students need to graduate, get a job and keep a job.


Collect, analyze and share data that allows your entire district to determine if a student is on track for graduation and beyond. Our data collection platform allows all relevant parties to use student and school data to inform decision making at the school and system-level.

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Confidently build pathways to success for your students

Is your strategic plan riddled with words like data-driven decisions? Are you looking for an explanation for the achievement gap? Or perhaps you are needing to support your educators with a student-centered curriculum. We can support you with all of your strategic plans and goals and ensure you are demonstrating continuous improvement. 

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Wow them with data that makes a difference

As a district leader we understand that you support a seemingly endless list of stakeholders who are expecting you to make a significant impact on student success.


Our instrument uncovers data your stakeholders have never seen before in a format that is easy to use and understand. Allowing you to do what you do best: create an immediate and lasting change in the lives of your students for the success of your district. 

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Students with strong work ethic, communication, and collaboration skills are far more likely to be successful despite their GPA.

- Tyler Gough, Founder, Student EI

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