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Schools establish a set of objectives that students should be well-versed in before graduating
high school

Whether delineated in a specific profile of a graduate or integrated into the school's strategic plan, a foundational framework is established. 
This framework serves as a guiding force for school leadership, ensuring that students graduate equipped to navigate the challenges of the next phase of life successfully.

Evidence-based Data

The majority of components that constitute a graduate profile are not present in a standard learning management system or student information system. Many essential skills and attributes, such as the 4C's,

(Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity), remain uncaptured, thus restricting the availability of comprehensive student proficiency data in these crucial areas.

To achieve the objectives outlined in a school's profile of a graduate, it is imperative to prioritize a comprehensive understanding of students' holistic perspectives. Recognizing and embracing these strengths will be pivotal for graduating students who align with the intended graduate profile.

Demonstrating the efficacy of a profile of a graduate provides several advantages that align with various objectives within a school


Soft Skills are...

Critical Thinking
Global Citizen
Learner's Mindset
Utilizing evidence-based technology to assess students' proficiency in meeting the
profile of a graduate competencies not only directly influences their alignment with the school's profile but also exhibits correlations with various other areas that equate to performance metrics.

    A profile of a graduate is the North Star of a school’s many objectives and goals to prepare students
for life after graduation   

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Career Technical Education

Map CTE pathways to student 

profile of a graduate proficiencies

using evidence-based data.

Performance Metrics

Identify deficiencies in a

profile of a graduate that are deemed necessary by school stakeholders.

College/Career Readiness

Counselors use profile of a graduate 

data while communicating

with students about their future.

Strategic Plan

Evidence-based profile of a graduate

data adds value to other school

goals and initiatives.

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