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Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy below: 


Student EI ('Student EI', 'we', 'us') acknowledges and prioritizes the protection of individual privacy rights. This notice serves to elucidate our protocols concerning the collection, utilization, and security measures employed in handling personal data. Additionally, it delineates the data protection entitlements available to individuals, including the right to contest specific processing activities undertaken by Student EI. Detailed guidelines for exercising these rights are outlined in the 'Your rights' section below.


This notice extends its purview to encompass information acquisition by Student EI from state, country, and district schools, as well as data procured from students utilizing our Student EI platform. Furthermore, it encompasses personally identifiable information acquired via the website


It is imperative to recognize that the data controller for personal information hosted within Student EI is the respective school. For comprehensive insights into the processing of said personal data, individuals are encouraged to liaise directly with their school authorities or consult their institution's privacy notice.



Student EI, (hereafter referred to as the Company, ‘We’, ‘Us’) founded in 2018 by Tyler Gough, a serial entrepreneur, operates under the same name and presents an innovative educational technology platform. This platform intricately categorizes and organizes the essential skills and attributes that a school’s stakeholders and community has deemed crucial for graduating students.



We engage in the collection and processing of specific data elements, namely:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Graduation year

  • Mobile number (this is discretionary and may not be provided)

  • Marketing preferences, encompassing any permissions or authorizations granted to us

  • Information furnished through web-based forms

  • Data associated with the browser or device utilized for accessing our website

Furthermore, there are instances where we receive data pertaining to you from third-party sources. Such information encompasses details originating from your educational institution. For educators or other school personnel, this may extend to publicly available resources like LinkedIn. Additionally, in specific scenarios, we acquire information, such as email contact lists, from data providers. It is imperative to emphasize that the acquisition of data concerning students, teachers, or other school staff members is executed through the school’s Student Information System (SIS).



We process the data outlined below for specific purposes:


Contractual Obligations:

a. Providing Student EI services and associated ancillary support like customer assistance.

b. Authenticating Student EI users.

c. Processing payments for Student EI software licenses and online digital content.

d. Sending service-related, technical, and administrative emails (e.g., two-factor authentication, password resets) concerning Student EI and our website.


Business Necessity and Legitimate Interests:

a. Ensuring the functionality of Student EI and our website, including addressing reported issues.

b. Enhancing Student EI and our website, and developing new products/services.

c. Responding to completed webforms on our website.

d. Utilizing data analytics for understanding usage patterns, optimizing product design, including information on geographical location, browser type, referral sources, duration of visits, viewed pages, and device details.

e. Investigating and addressing complaints regarding Student EI, our website, or related services.

f. Crafting user profiles for direct marketing purposes, with the possibility of creating profiles for students aligned with authorized educational purposes or parental/student authorization.


Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

a. Utilizing information for legal claims, compliance, regulatory, or investigative purposes, including disclosure in connection with legal processes or litigations.

b. Conducting surveys and market research to align our services with user needs.


Consent-Based Actions:

a. Sending direct marketing materials related to our services where mandated by law.

b. Employing cookies and similar technologies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

c. Using information for purposes outlined during specific consent requests.


Moreover, adhering to the Student Privacy Pledge, we strictly limit the collection, usage, and sharing of student personal information to what is necessary for authorized educational/school purposes or as permitted by the parent/student.


Lastly, data may be used for purposes required by law, notably in response to inquiries by government or law enforcement authorities conducting investigations."


Vendor and Service Provider Disclosure:


As representatives of Student EI, we disclose that personal information may be shared with third-party service providers engaged in supporting our business operations. These entities will process said information on behalf of Student EI for the outlined purposes. The categories of such third-party providers encompass hosting services, technical infrastructure CRM services, customer support services, and marketing services. Notable among these service providers are:


Hubspot: Headquartered in the United States, utilized for Marketing automation, company updates, and product information dissemination.


Legal Basis for Disclosure:


Personal information may be disclosed beyond Student EI's confines under certain circumstances outlined herewith. Such circumstances include instances where there exists a bona fide belief that accessing, using, preserving, or disclosing said information is reasonably necessary to: (i) enforce applicable terms of service or other agreements, inclusive of investigating potential violations and conducting audits, (ii) detect, prevent, or address fraud, abuse, security risks, or technical issues, and (iii) safeguard against harm to the rights, property, or safety of Student EI, its users, or the public, as necessitated or allowed by law.


Group Affiliates:


Information sharing within our group of companies is permissible for business administration, maintenance of security and regulatory compliance, provision of end-user support services (including relevant IT support), marketing, and analytics purposes.


Disclosure to Educational Institutions:


In cases where individuals access or use our services within the scope of their engagement with educational institutions, information sharing with such organizations may occur under specific circumstances.


Business Transfers:


Should Student EI undergo reorganization, restructuring, merger, sale, or any other form of asset transfer, the disclosure of information to our advisors, prospective purchasers' advisors, and subsequent business owners is anticipated. In adherence to our Pledge, we will seek adherence from third parties and entities to operate in alignment with Pledge principles or afford users the choice to withhold information from specific entities."


With regard to the data hosted in Student EI, it is important to note that Student EI does not operate as a Data Controller for personal data stored within its system. Hence, functioning as a Data Processor, we undertake the deletion of such data solely upon the instruction issued by your school.


In accordance with directives from the school, Student EI will engage in the processing and retention of personal data pertaining to students, parents, teachers, and school staff members for the duration of the school's licensing agreement with Student EI. Should an individual depart from the school during an active licensing period, their personal data will be deleted or anonymized within 28 days subsequent to their account's deletion by the school.


In scenarios where a parent has children enrolled in separate schools utilizing Student EI services, if one school requests data deletion from Student EI, the individual's details will persist in Student EI's records for the second school.


As for the data outlined in section 3:


For individuals not utilizing Student EI services (e.g., prospects and business contacts), we will process and retain personal data for the duration of our active communication pertinent to our services. In the event of no contact for a period of 1 year, your data will be automatically expunged from our system.


Upon opting out of data processing, we commit to deleting your information within 28 days of receiving your opt-out request. However, certain business and legal obligations might necessitate the retention of specific information for extended periods. Such retention is motivated by considerations of security, fraud prevention, financial record-keeping, and compliance with pertinent legal or regulatory requisites.​



In accordance with pertinent laws and regulations, you possess the entitlement to request access to your personal data, rectify inaccuracies, erase or restrict the processing of your personal information, and procure the data you have provided in a structured, machine-readable format based on a contract or your consent. Furthermore, you reserve the right to request the transfer of this information (portability) to another data controller.


Under specific circumstances, you hold the prerogative to object to the processing of your personal information, particularly in situations where processing is unnecessary to fulfill a contractual or legal obligation, or where the information is utilized for direct marketing. However, these rights may be subject to limitations. For instance, if honoring your request would unveil personal data concerning another individual, or if the data we are mandated by law to retain or possess compelling legitimate interests in retaining is requested for deletion. We shall disclose any relevant exemptions upon addressing your request.


To assert any of these rights or obtain copies of our assessments balancing legitimate interests, kindly communicate with us using the provided contact information below. Should you retain unresolved concerns, you maintain the right to file a complaint with the relevant information protection authority in your place of residence, employment, or where you suspect a breach has transpired.


For the specific data marked as obligatory during the registration for Student EI, failure to furnish such information will result in the inability to access the service. Conversely, the provision of all other information remains optional. Nevertheless, withholding such optional information may potentially limit the scope of certain services we offer to you.​



Our Data Protection Team can be contacted by email at:

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