Our Story

Student EI was developed for school districts to fill a gap that didn’t exist a generation, or two ago. Our mission is to provide school districts with data insights to ensure the future-readiness of students by recognizing the soft skills they need to be successful in school, and long after they have left the academic environment.

Our vision was born out of collective, real life experiences as students, parents, employees and employers. We realized that the status quo was just not enough to prepare this generation for the future. Within our own circles of influence, the need to equip our children with  future-ready soft skills became a reoccurring theme. 

The earlier students understand how these skills affect everything from academic to career, from relationships to happiness, the more likely they are to succeed. Providing soft skills data insights to school districts is the key to bridging the gap. 

The Student EI
Leadership Team

We are a team of hardworking parents, entrepreneurs, sales leaders, marketers and innovators. We strongly believe our soft skills are the reason for our success and the key to success for the next generation. 

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