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An innovative solution for schools, intricately designed to capture, categorize, and organize
the essential skills and attributes that form
the foundation of a profile of a graduate

Utilizing a school-specific dashboard to monitor students' communication or adaptability proficiencies, and aligning them with unique frameworks provides evidence-based data that can be leveraged to meet graduate profile expectations

The majority of components that constitute a profile of a graduate are not present in standard learning management or student information systems.

To align students with a school's profile of a graduate, it is imperative to understand their proficiencies using evidence-based data that is currently not being captured.


Communication and collaboration are integral components of every graduate profile. Strong communication skills are a prerequisite for effective collaboration. 

Validating the criteria of a graduate profile is enhanced through data-driven insights.

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By sorting students according to their graduation year or filtering them into cohorts based on proficiencies or deficiencies, administrators can adopt a data-driven, actionable approach to aligning students with a profile of a graduate.

Data Insights

Integrating profile of a graduate data reporting across
enable schools to customize insights strategically,

contributing to key aspects of the strategic plan and other objectives.

To meet the objectives of a profile of a graduate, school administrators have to understand the proficiencies and deficiencies of their secondary students.

A graduate profile is essential for strategically identifying every factor within the educational ecosystem that contributes to the development of students.

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