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For this generation to succeed, 
developing social emotional skills 
must be part of a student's education.


Our platform helps students build the social emotional skills they need to be successful long after they have left the academic environment.


Social emotional skills, sometimes referred to as emotional intelligence, soft skills,

non-cognitive skills, life skills, character, or behavioral attributes, is the intangible “something” in each of us. These skills are versatile and linked to academic, career and life success. They affect how we understand & manage emotions and behaviors, feel and show empathy, navigate social situations, maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions and set & achieve goals.


Student EI partners with school districts
and state education departments to provide strength and evidence-based analysis of students’ social emotional skills.


Middle and high school students create their social emotional skills summary. In real time, students receive a report indicating their skills range.


Our science and technology focuses on self-management skills, collaboration skills, curiosity, emotional resilience and social engagement skills.


Work Ethic

Self-Management Skills

  • Managing Tasks

  • Being Responsible

  • Organizing

  • Managing Time

  • Attending to Details

  • Goal Setting

  • Decision-Making


Collaboration Skills

  • Work with others

  • Building Trust

  • Collaborating

  • Warm and Friendliness

  • Perspective

  • Being Fair

  • Forgiving


Creativity Skills

  • Innovation

  • Abstract Thinking

  • Imaginative

  • Artistic Skills

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Processing Information

  • Engaging New Ideas

Stress Tolerance

Emotional Resilience Skills

  • Regulating Stress

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Maintaining Optimism

  • Regulating Emotions

  • Self-Confidence 

  • Regulating Impulses

  • Positive Attitude


Social Engagement skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Asserting Views

  • Initiating Interactions

  • Conversational

  • Self-Expressive 

  • Persuasive 

  • Regulating Energy

Social emotional skills are a key ingredient to finding success, regardless of a student’s age. The earlier students learn about the importance of these skills and how they affect everything in their lives from school to relationships, from careers to happiness, the more success they will see throughout their lifetimes.

Social Emotional Skills Survey

Students answer a series of science and evidence-based questions that align with self-management skills, collaboration skills, curiosity, emotional resilience, and social engagement. In real time, student's social emotional skills summary is generated and can be found in their Student El Dashboard

SEL Student Playbook

Students have an SEL Playbook as part of their dashboard. Playbooks are delivered in video format designed to engage students and help strengthen their social emotional skills

SEL Professional Development

SEL Professional Development incorporates social emotional learning with everyday instruction into any classroom in an efficient and digestible manner

Parent & Educator Feedback

Parents/guardians and teachers will have the opportunity to answer a series of questions that will contribute to their child’s/student’s social emotional skills summary

Student Interests Surveys

Throughout the school year, students answer a series of questions regarding their short and long term interests, goals, aspirations, inspirations, etc. Our technology incorporates students’ social emotional skills with their interests to formulate a data-driven path where they are more likely to find success

College and/or Career Roadmap

Our technology provides students, parents/guardians, and educators with an evidence-based path that can help them visualize a variety of opportunities where they are most likely to find greater success in the next chapter of their lives. Academics/GPA, social emotional skills ranges, and interests surveys help students create a road map on which they are most likely to find success after graduation


District Tools


Educator Resources

Educators have access to a variety of professional development tools that can be integrated into daily lesson plans

School Climate

School districts can learn more about their students through a variety of surveys. District goals can be achieved with student feedback

Integrate SIS & SE Skills Data

Districts can upload student information system data into their Student EI dashboard to better align students SEL.


Districts can create specific Frameworks to use as benchmarks to better understand where students are more likely to succeed. 


About Us

Student EI helps school districts recognize the non-cognitive strengths and challenges of students. We provide a variety of options to help students develop and grow their social emotional skills.


Student EI™ partners with school districts, state education departments, superintendent associations and school board associations to provide the latest social emotional skills development and learning technology available today.


Our science and technology focuses on students’ self-management skills, collaboration skills, curiosity, emotional resilience, and social engagement skills.



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