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Let's build a generation who are

prepared and relevant.

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Our evidence and strength-based technology provides districts with soft skills data that students need in order to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

Post secondary success is much more than test scores and GPA's 

Technology, automation and artificial intelligence has

redefined what today’s students must be versed in to 

stand out in the post secondary crowd.

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Soft skills, everyday skills, durable skills, life skills, 

work-ready skills, etc., regardless of terminology 

these skills are directly linked to greater achievement.

These skills are our personal habits and traits that shape how we learn, work and grow on our own, as well as how we interact with others. 

Students who lack soft skills will lose out on
opportunities regardless of their degree or certifications.
The Top 10 Skills employers
seek in job applicants today are:

1.     Communication
2.     Critical Thinking 
3.     Adaptability
4.     Digital literacy
5.     Creativity
6.     Leadership
7.     Collaboration/Teamwork
8.     Emotional intelligence
9.     Resiliency
10.   Time management & Organization

Everything you need to measure soft skills

Our partnership equips you with actionable data, research-backed resources,
and expert guidance to support your district's strategic goals, missions and visions.  

We capture and analyze the current state of your students' acquisition of soft skills; providing a better understanding of where students are likely to excel or potentially be at risk.

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Get started today.

Start your student's on their journey to everyday intelligence today.

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