The future-readiness
of today's students is determined by more than their academic performance.

Do your students have the soft skills
to be future ready?

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What are soft skills and why are they so important? 

Soft skills are our personal habits and traits that shape how we learn, work and grow on our own, as well as how we interact with others.


Popular soft skills include work ethic, time management, teamwork, collaboration, curiosity, growth mindset, stress tolerance, resilience, communication style, listening skills, and numerous other skills that help us to navigate daily.

These skills have been proven to impact student achievement and lifetime satisfaction. Soft skills have become more important for this generation as they account for two-thirds of your students' future employability.   

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Who We Help

Student EI partners with districts to provide unmatched data on student's soft skills.

This data empowers districts, schools, and students to create an action plan derived from strength and evidence based skills analysis.

Understanding your students' soft skills starts with Student EI 


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