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The only education
tool that provides reliable and validated measures of a student's 
soft skills.

Access the missing link to reaching school goals and initiatives. 


The student data platform that focuses on soft skills

Our proprietary assessment, custom dashboards and actionable data puts the

power to develop future-ready graduates in your hands. 

Strategic Plans

Our instrument uncovers never before seen data. Allowing you to develop a data-derived strategy that creates an immediate and lasting impact on the success of your school. 

A data-derived strategy

  • Collect, analyze and share data that allows your entire school to determine if a student is on track for success in school and long after they have left the academic setting.

  • Our data collection platform allows all relevant parties to use student and school data to inform decision making at the school and system-level.

  • Illustrate the efficacy of your learning standards. 


College, Career & CTE Pathways

Turn aspirations into reality for your students by formulating a career path where

your students are most likely to find success.

A pathway for success

  • Our skills summary offers counselors a deeper understanding of your students' strengths and challenges, a data-driven post-secondary plan to help them become future-ready.

  • Use our skills data to guide curriculum development that allows opportunity for greater student engagement in the classroom and in the community.

  • Build strong CTE programming that is aligned with industry demands and is built on strength-based data.


Graduate Profiles

Create data-backed graduate profiles that support your school and community's definition of success.

Keep students and educators focused on connecting today's achievement with tomorrow's success.

Your school's definition of

student success

  • Capture feedback on the skills community and business leaders are looking for in today's students. 

  • Benchmark your current students against your school's successful graduate profile beyond academics.

  • Validate your Portrait/Profile of a Graduate or 21st Century Skills initiatives with relevant skills data. 

Student Success Plans

Understanding your students on a deeper level allows you to build authentic relationships

with students that empowers, engages and inspires them.

Encourage your students to be the architects of their future

  • Empower students to have informed discussions with their educators, counselors and parents. 

  • Understand your students' interests, goals, hobbies and aspirations.

  • Develop a success plan that grows with your student as they progress.

Graduate Profiles
College & Career
Student Success Plans
Strategic Plan
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