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Many US states have, or are in the process of, amending their requirements for high school graduation

The traditional core classes and electives, or specials, may no longer be sufficient to graduate.

Schools and state education departments are adopting a new set of standards outlined in what is known as a 'graduate profile,' also referred to as a 'Portrait' or 'Profile of a Graduate.'

Leveraging AI, credentialing metrics assess students' proficiencies across a range of graduate profile competencies, granting certificates according to predefined criteria

Graduate Profile Adoption

  • A graduate profile, also known as a Profile or Portrait of a Graduate, succinctly summarizes the knowledge, skills, and attributes students should possess upon graduation


  • Its creation involves input from administration, educators, students, parents, and various stakeholders within a school’s community


  • The finalized profile becomes a key component of the school's strategic plan, serving as a public-facing guide

Schools and states share a 80% common set of competencies

Challenges in Efficacy Data

Schools have no way to measure or assess
80% of their graduate profile competencies

The pain points for school administration are multifaceted

  • One hundred hours and 18 to 24 months to create

  • Tens of thousands of dollars invested

  • Can not validate the criteria or efficacy of their graduate profile

  • No pathway to credential students who are graduate profile proficient

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