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The future-readiness of today's students is 
determined by more than their academic achievements

Beginning in kindergarten, students are expected to meet academic thresholds to ensure they will be successful throughout their educational experience. What has become clear is academics alone cannot fully identify where students are most likely to achieve success both in and out of school. 

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The Everyday Intelligence Gap:

For students to be successful in their current endeavors and future aspirations, they will need to be versed in three components: academic, technical, and everyday skills. Today's environment has accelerated the need for school districts to place as much of an emphasis on those everyday skills as they do academics and technical knowledge. Skills like teamwork, critical thinking, resilience and communication complement students’ learning and help prepare them for the future. 


Student EI fills the everyday intelligence gap that continues to widen and affects today’s students' performance and growth in school, at home and as they are entering college, military or career phases of their lives.

This gap was created in large part because of technology

and innovation. Text messaging and social media applications interfere with students' ability to communicate, resolve conflicts, collaborate and so much more.

Everyday skills, sometimes referred to as soft skills, 21st century skills, essential skills, life or work ready skills, etc., regardless of the terminology, these skills are well known and in high demand.

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Everyday skills will never be replaced in a world
where technology, automation and artificial intelligence (AI)
continues to gain momentum. 
Everyday Intelligence Gap

Our everyday skills are our personal habits and traits that shape how we learn, work and grow on our own, as well as how we interact with others. 

Everyday Skills are...

  • Self- Performance

  • Managing Tasks

  • Being Responsible

  • Organized/Orderly

  • Time Management

  • Attention to Detail

  • Setting Goals

  • Decision Making

  • Work Ethic

  • Dependable

  • Self-Disciplined

  • Teamwork

  • Empathy

  • Trustworthy

  • Fairness

  • Honesty

  • Listening

  • Friendly

  • Awareness

  • Flexible

  • Positivity

  • Accountability

  • Creativity

  • Innovative

  • Engaging

  • Artistic

  • Imaginative

  • Cultural

  • Inquisitive

  • Open-minded

  • Curiosity

  • Inventive

  • Adventurous

  • Resilience

  • Positive Attitude

  • Self-Confidence

  • Maintain Optimism

  • Regulating Stress

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Controlling Emotions

  • Handle Adversity

  • Stress Tolerance 

  • Impulse Control

  • Mitigate Frustrations

  • Communication

  • Self-Expressive

  • Persuasive

  • Sociable

  • Outgoing

  • Reserved

  • Talkative

  • Passive

  • Energetic

  • Quiet

  • Mellow

Everyday Intelligence Resources
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