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Schedule a free workshop with our everyday skills experts

Teaching everyday skills, also known as soft skills, 21st century skills, future ready skills, is increasingly important, but it can be challenging for educators to do so.

Learn how to evaluate and teach everyday skills in this FREE workshop. Complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch. 

Available virtual or in-person
About the Everyday Skills Workshops: 

During our workshops team will get an interactive deep-dive into the importance of everyday skills and their impact on students and our society. Participants will also receive a reference workbook to support building lessons and teaching everyday skills in the classroom. 

Each workshop includes: 
  • An interactive workshop: 
    Our workshops are more than just a presentation with slides. We create a space where your teams can explore, experience and learn at a deeper level. 
  • Access leading research:
    During our workshops your teams will get access to leading research on everyday skills. Our expert team will help you understand the findings and demonstrate ways to use this information in your district. 
  • Inspire staff and students: 
    Following the workshop you will be provided a workbook that will continue to deliver ideas, research and other resources to support your lesson planning, strategy development and curriculums.
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