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Discover the unknown skills of your students using Student EI

Focus on what you do best by understanding what students need most.

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Measure progress towards graduation and future success

As school leaders, it is easy to get lost in logistics and lose track of what matters most - student success. Get the support and guidance you need from your district by providing evidence-based insights on your students' strengths and challenges with Student EI. 

We collect and analyze your students' soft skills and empower you to make data-derived decisions on: 

  • Curriculum and strategy planning

  • Opportunities for collaborative learning

  • Building a school culture focused on continuous growth

  • Closing the student achievement gap 

  • Benchmarks for measuring school success

  • Creating excitement for learning

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Your students on the path to success 

Today's students are different, so is the way they learn. Take a different approach to planning with the whole student in mind with Student EI's powerful insights. 

Build your lesson and curriculum planning around student's soft skills strengths and challenges. For example, let's assume the Student EI has identified that the students in your 6th grade classroom seem to have challenges in teamwork. Now you can use that knowledge to create opportunities for them to strengthen those skills, or provide more opportunities for them to work alone. Ready to make plans with a deeper understanding of your students? 

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